The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Workshop (LEW) 2018 brought together about 600 young men and women cutting across all strata of the society at the famous Merit Award House auditorium in Maitama, Abuja Nigeria. The goal of LEW 2018 is to stir entrepreneurial and leadership consciousness in the minds of participants and inspire them to focus on personal development, and acquiring requisite leadership skills for attaining the Nigeria of our dreams.

The event started with the recitation of the national anthem after which the convener Mr. Kingsley Aigbonoga gave an inspiring opening address, welcoming participants to the epoch-making event.  

Ikpen Yvonne Akwitti, the Creative Directive of IK-Pen Fashion who has proven that you can create something big out of nothing from her fashion outfit starting from one sewing machine in a makeshift container to employing of over 60 tailors with branches in major cities in Nigeria, took to the stage as the first facilitator. She spoke extensively on “Finance Management”.

A panel of discussants made up of company executives, successful entrepreneurs, and leadership consultants gave deep insight on the theme “Excellent Leadership and Strategic Innovation” as they took turns to speak.

Award winning entrepreneurs, Ifeanyi Christopher (CEO, Studio 24) and Tayo Olugbemi (CEO Innate Art Media) had their time to share their stories and thoughts on “Starting a Business and Keeping It Afloat”.

The workshop was taken to another dimension when the much anticipated speaker, Kelechi Anyalechi who is known for his dynamic approach to public speaking took to the platform took to the platform. He spoke extensively on “Goals, Vision and Leadership”.