VITA INITIATIVE is a youth focused non-profit organization. Our mission is to birth, empower and equip a new breed of young Nigerian leaders and entrepreneurs by offering skills and tools for personal, organizational and national transformation. We recognize that raising leaders is critical to nation building and wealth creation.

Over the years, we have inspired and equipped youths, young business owners and social entrepreneurs to lead ethically while implementing initiatives that transform their communities and organizations; sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development. We achieve this through our training programs and publications. Also, through our scholarship scheme, many indigent kids have been seen through primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.



  • Changing the mindset of youths, equipping them the lead ethically and motivating them to impact their communities positively with the investment of their personalities.
  • Cultivate and nature “change-agents” mindset that encourage youths to improve their communities.
  • Build essential cognitive skills such as reasoning, critical thinking, communication and team building.
  • Build leadership and employment readiness skills while instilling an increased sense of self confidence.


  • Increase youth’s understanding of the concept of entrepreneurship.
  • Inspire youths to discover their innate entrepreneurial talents and to launch startups that can transform their cities into innovative hubs.
  • Help youths develop new small-enterprise business plans, marketing plans, sales pitches and financial plans ready to present to investors.
  • Encourage and assist youths in exploring small-enterprise funding options, including loans and grants.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs that are crucial for business sustainability.

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